Weddings, Corporate Events and TV Productions

Welcome to Capture Productions. My name is Jeanette and I am a fully qualified videographer and editor. Cinematic videography and editing is my passion and I love the fact that I am able to tell stories in a visually creative manner, it is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. I find that the best way to capture your very special day is by using a ‘fly on the wall’ approach. There is nothing worse than to have someone sticking a camera in your face at every possible opportunity. By staying out of the way I am able to capture all of your most precious moments as they unfold naturally, this ensures that your DVD looks spontaneous and appealing to those who will be reliving your special day with you. My particular style for wedding videography has developed over the years due to the fact that I have worked as a freelance videographer and editor on various TV Productions, Weddings and Corporate Events. I spent three years studying at RAU, now known as UJ, completing my degree in Audiovisual Production Management.

I understand that in order for you to get the best from your day you will want to hire a wedding videographer that is familiar and experienced with everything that happens on your day as well as someone that is able to adapt to any circumstance. I’m also experienced at filming many different diverse and amazing weddings. So you can have confidence that every small detail of your event will be captured professionally by Capture Productions. I am familiar with multi-cultural weddings and work with many venues throughout Gauteng. I spend a lot of time freelancing in the Jewish market shooting both weddings and bar mitzvahs. A wedding DVD by Capture Productions will stand the test of time and will be a wonderful reminder of your extraordinary day. My DVDs can be tailored to your needs with full South African (PAL) and American (NTSC) coverage. I also offer you the option of having your DVD in either Standard Definition or High Definition Blu Ray.

Weddings are however not the only service that I offer so have a look at the Corporate Packages that I have available. I believe that your Corporate DVD should be professional and to the point. I have an option available that allows you to sit in on the entire edit in the comfort of your own offices to ensure that your Corporate DVD is exactly what you want. By using this method of production you are included in the process every step of the way. A visual presentation of your company is so much more appealing to the outsider than pages full of words that no one ever reads through thoroughly enough to understand what it is that your company is all about and what it is that you offer to the public and other service providers. The visual approach is ideal for training videos, lectures, presentations, adverts, press releases, etc.

You can be assured that when you choose Capture Productions to do your DVD, whether it is a corporate or a wedding DVD, you will be presented with a professional product that you can be proud of.